Candle Maker and Jewellery Designer. 

Maja launched her career in 2012 after graduating from the Manchester School of Art where she studied 3D Design. There she discovered her love for metalwork and became a jewellery designer after tapping briefly into glass blowing, ceramics and woodwork. Her passion for candle making goes all the way back to her childhood and work that she was doing for fun with her family.

She was a co-founder of Destreza Designs and Kula Gallery and she was a resident maker at Manchester's Craft and Design Centre up until 2019.

Love for colour and abstract art is strongly evident across her work in all disciplines. She is hoping to launch her new jewellery collection for winter  2021. Before building her new studio she is now focusing solidly on her candle making work. She is hoping to continue to grow a strong independent brand that is both aesthetically pleasing and affordable for all.  Let's hope this will be a great year!