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Maja Piechocka



In 2006 I left my home town Poznan in Poland and moved to London to begin a new chapter of my life. It's here where I got completely lost in the world of art with various galleries, museums and art venues at my doorstep. That's where my love affair with design began. and I am still as passionate about it as I was then. Two years later I moved to Manchester and decided to do Art Foundation course at Stockport College. In 2012 I graduated from the Manchester School of Art studying Three Dimensional Design and that's when my real life as a designer began. 


I always had a hard time deciding on a particular material or a specific field of interest. I believe I am a multimedia artist, my work is all about experimentation with countless materials and there is not much repetition being present. It's all about a constant change, evolving, learning and trying new things. Extensive use of colour is perhaps the only consistent theme visible in my work.

After finishing University my big dream was to open my own shop and to sell my creations to the public. In 2014 I opened my first shop/workshop at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Shortly after I opened 'Kula' gallery where along with my business partners we were supporting over 40 local artists including ourselves. It was all a wonderful adventure and a great learning curve, however after a few years my priorities have changed. 

In 2020 I’ve made a decision to move out of Manchester and to settle in a small town called Rugeley in Staffordshire. Here I live very close to nature which I had really longed for after years spent in the city. Now I work from my home studio that's closed to the public and enjoy my other passion which is gardening. I make my candles, jewellery and I even dub in ceramics from time to time. Currently, I am only focusing on things that matter the most to me and for that I am very grateful, I am very fortunate to be able to wake up every day and do what I love. That is a measure of true success to me! 


Thank you for reading  my story and I truly hope that you will enjoy the creations that you see on this website. 


Best wishes 


Let’s Work Together

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