Wave Candle.

Botanical Gardens Collection.


This candle is a one of a kind and completely bespoke object that is created by hand from start to finish. This candle is not scented, it is an ornamental and decorative object, almost sculptural, that will brighten any home or space. 


Before burning your candle you can also use it as a lantern simply by placing a source of light behind it, such as a small tealight in a glass jar. You just need to be careful so that the source of light is not too close or too warm to melt the candle itself. 


They also look wonderful displayed on the windowsill as the light shines through them. With that said please do not leave them exposed to sun on a hot summer day as they might deform or melt. 


This candle is created with paraffin wax and candle dyes. Various oil pastels are then added for a unique coloring. The dyes are manipulated with paint brushes and become a work of abstract art as the paraffin wax sets. None of them can ever be repeated. The wax is poured onto a metal mold and then bent into a half moon shape using hot water. A specially created tool made by my father Adam many years ago was used to melt the wicks into the candle, the tool has since been replaced with an electric version designed by Jose De Canha. 


Gift wrap available upon request. 




These measurements can also vary ever so slightly because of their hand made nature. 


Burning times:  

Wave: 1-2 hours

However I can never give a 100% guarantee as each candle varies slightly, so this is an estimated burning time based on recent testing. 


Instructions for burning:

Burning one of my candles is a truly magical spectacle to watch and expe


Place the candle on a piece of slate or other heat resistant surface to protect your furniture as the candle might leak while lit. Light all the 6 wicks at once, if you notice that one of them is burning much faster than the rest, put it down and wait for the rest of the wicks to catch up. This will help your candle to burn for longer and stay even. 


Safety Warning!


Never leave the lit candle unattended, keep away from the reach of children and pets. 

Keep away from draughts and do not place it near any flammable objects like curtains or anything that could potentially catch fire! 

Please enjoy my candles responsibly!


Wave Candle

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